Defining A Comparative Market Analysis

CMA is a real estate acronym that stands for “Comparative Market Analysis”. It’s a report your real estate agent prepares that provides you with the relevant data for comparing your property to other similar properties in the market.

Essentially, a CMA is a method for evaluating your properties worth by comparing it to others, which helps with setting a listing price.

A CMA Is Not An Appraisal

While it might seem like a CMA and an appraisal are quite alike, there are a few differences worth outlining.

The main difference between the two concerns the personnel involved – a CMA is conducted by a real estate agent, whereas an appraisal is completed on behalf of the bank or by a licensed appraiser.

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If you’re overwhelmed with the thought of buying a home, you’re not alone! Afterall, purchasing a property is one of the biggest transactions you can make, so it’s no wonder you might be feeling intimidated. To help calm those nerves, keep reading for important tips & tricks to making the right decision the first time.

Preparation Is Key

If you want to negotiate with home sellers, it starts with being prepared. Potential home buyers should consider the following questions before they begin their negotiations.

Questions To Consider

Why is the homeowner selling?

You should always ask why the current homeowner is selling because you never know what you might learn. For example, you might discover they’re leaving because they find the area…

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