How to Draw Buyers to Your Home and Close Quickly


The longer your home sits on the market, the more it drops in value while you’re left in economic insecurity as you lose potential profit from what was once the biggest investment of your lifetime. That won’t happen if you get to work on projects that draw the maximum number of buyers to your open house and entice them to sign on the dotted line. Here’s what that means.

Basic Repairs

Major remodeling is usually more expensive than it’s worth when selling your home, but replacing fixtures like doorknobs and light switches gives your home a more elegant appearance overall, adding value for a relatively low price and for little effort.

A Paint Job

You don’t even have to do the whole house, as just putting a new coat on the front door adds curb appeal and raises the potential selling price.


There’s no need to get elaborate, as that could actually turn buyers away. What’s more, few are looking to add extensive yard work to their already busy weekends. They do want to see a well-kept lawn, so keep to a regular mowing and watering schedule to ensure it stays green. Another amenity home buyers look for a fenced-in yard, particularly if they have kids or pets.

The Right Agent

Getting the right agent means finding somebody with a keen understanding of the local housing market and a plan for selling your property. Begin with referrals from friends and family, then check with their recent clients to gauge their effectiveness and whether they’re right for you.

Good Timing

That generally means late spring and early summer, as most people don’t want to relocate until after their kids have finished their school year. If you do have to sell in the fall or winter, make the interior seem more warm and cozy with the help of cushions, rugs, and candles.

Effective Pricing

Your agent should help you determine the value of your home based on similar properties in the area, then create a bracket of roughly $20,000 above and below that figure. By listing your home at the lower end, you’ll attract more buyers, a useful strategy if you want to sell quickly, says one realtor writing in Reader’s Digest.

A Deep Clean

This goes far beyond a quick sweep and a mop. If this sounds like a lot of work — and it really is — then it may benefit you to bring in professional housekeepers to ensure that everything looks fantastic when it’s time to show the house to potential buyers. Housekeepers can take care of essential tasks like mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming, as well as taking out the garbage and addressing any laundry that may have piled up. That way, all you have to do is maintain the space in-between cleanings.


Repairs and painting are part of the process of preparing your home for buyers, but there’s more to staging than that. Decluttering the interior and rearranging furniture is vital to optimizing space and allowing visitors to move around freely from room to room. Hiring a professional can help, but it can be costly.

It may take time to get this work done, but once you do, your house won’t stay on the market for long. Then, you’ll really be ready to move on to your new life elsewhere.

Article contributed by Suzie Wilson of Happier Home.

Image via Pexels