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Hello and thank you for stopping by my Very First Blog!

I will start by first telling you a little about myself, my name is Connie LevesqueConnie Levesque
I am the Broker and also the President of The Property Exchange Group Inc.

I was inspired to create The Property Exchange Group Inc. from what I perceived as a need for the Real Estate Industry.

Can you reinvent the wheel? NO, but you can make it Better, faster, smoother and more user friendly!
This is my goal!

Where to start… well first lets start close to home – I didn’t want a daily hour commute to the office that I would spend so much of my time at.

I found a fantastic, high visibility location with ample parking on the main street in my little town of Oakbank – which also happens to be less than 15 minutes drive time to the nearest city shopping mall!

I didn’t think I would ever even get this location, originally this location was well over 2000 sf (way to large for a new office) didn’t even imagine I would be opening a company in 2013, let alone setting up an office in the way I did, but thanks to what I personally believe is divine intervention… it magically all fell into place and became a reality!

The landlord decided to rent half of this space to the hair salon next door and half to me. The dividing wall came up and my work began!

We got the keys and my wonderful Mom and I set to tearing out the old carpet, walls and mess left behind. I planned my new walls and hired some fellows to start erecting my little empire –     2 offices, a boardroom, a ‘pit’ for future agents, sitting area, storage & washroom – all in 900 sf!

Then it was time to go furniture shopping – Mostly custom orders, and then a few lucky finds of already built and available furniture. (That part was really a lot of work!)

The goal was to make it Functional, Welcoming and Comfortable! I am very confident that I succeeded in my goal! We have such a good positive vibe here at the office. It helps us to all communicate and learn in an inspiring environment, which in turn makes us better able to serve our customers!

Please stay tuned for more of ‘My Story’ and helpful tips and insight into the world of REAL ESTATE!

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